Wrinkle Treatments

We all know now that Botulinum Toxin can be used for wrinkle treatments. It was first used in 1980 to treat crossed eyes in humans. Since then we learnt a lot about this Toxin and improved our skills to use it for cosmetic purpose. The beneficial effects only lasts for 4 to 6 months. Now a days people don’t get frozen faces with Botulinum Toxin. The reason is we are more sensible now, and we know it very well how much you need. There is no point loosing your normal facial expressions.

Injecting Botulinum Toxin under your skin is easy, but the most important thing is to make a balance in different parts of muscle groups. Which you can only learn in medical school after spending few years reading Anatomy. It is true that normal salon ladies or hair salon guys don’t know anything about Anatomy, other than remembering few terminologies.

There are two kinds of clients. One are those who just want to feel the Botox, and they will tell everybody about it. But they want it cheap, or at very low price. That’s why they go to salons or local road side shops. There is another very important group of people who want perfect results, and they always look for somebody more professional, and its very true that they will never tell anybody that they have used Botox. We are here trying to attract these kind of people, who are very sincere and very passionate about their beauty.

Wrinkle Treatment with Botox

At Wrinkle Treatments Center in Coventry, we are opened 7 days a week for treatment of your wrinkles.

Most of the Facial Wrinkles can be successfully treated with a protein called Botulinum Toxin (of which Botox® is a trade name. Amount of toxin used is small and extremely safe for Cosmetic purpose.

There are two kind of wrinkles:

1) Dynamic Wrinkles are lines that appear when you animate your face. The Botulinum Toxin reversibly weakens the muscles responsible for dynamic wrinkles.

2) Static wrinkles are lines that appear at rest, these do not improve with Botulinum Toxin and it is best treated with modern Dermal Fillers. Such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Sculptra, and Radiesse )

What Types of Wrinkles can be treated?

There are three main types of wrinkles that can be treated with Botulinum Toxin

Frown Wrinkles

Frown wrinkles (Glabella wrinkles) are most commonly seen in patients with excessive sun exposure and those who have over activity of these muscles often associated with frowning. Frown wrinkles are vertical lines and can signal emotions such as anger, anxiety or fear. People with these types of wrinkles may complain that their family, friends or work colleagues ask why they frown a lot. Frown wrinkles are vertical lines and can be successfully treated with Botulinum Toxin.

Forehead Wrinkles

Wrinkles appear in horizontal lines in the Forehead area between the eyebrows and the hairline. These wrinkles are formed during facial expressions to convey our emotions such as surprise or empathy.

Eye Wrinkles (Crow’s Feet)

Crow’s Feet wrinkles also known as Peri-orbiltal wrinkles. These wrinkles are present in the outer corner of the eyes and appear more prominent when laughing or smiling. Crow’s Feet Wrinkles can be a result of aging, smoking or excessive sun exposure.


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